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Dr. Philippa Cheetham

Approach to Medicine

Attitudes towards natural medicine are polarized in America. On the one side, conventional medical doctors are often quick to dismiss herbal and nutritional therapies as unscientific, unproven and even unsafe. On the other side, advocates of natural medicine accuse conventional medicine of taking a slash-and-burn approach that hurts more than it helps.

I believe there’s a place for both, which is why I practice integrative medicine. This branch of medicine combines, or integrates, both schools of thought. It takes the best scientific and technological advances of conventional medicine and incorporates them with traditional and scientifically validated alternative therapies, such as dietary supplements and acupuncture.

My personal approach to integrative medicine is simple. I like to use natural medicine for the daily prevention of disorders such as heart disease and the treatment of chronic, slow-progressing conditions like prostate cancer. And I choose to employ aggressive allopathic therapies, like surgery or radiation, only when absolutely necessary.

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